Cedar cuisine

Promote Lebanese cuisine in company restaurants in France

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Franco-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce has launched a project to promote traditional Lebanese cuisine in corporate restaurants in France. The aim of this project is to integrate regular menus and occasional activities around this cuisine into the proposals of the major catering players.

Lebanese cuisine is recognized and appreciated ...

The many Lebanese restaurants located in all regions of France (and all over the world) have undeniable success. These restaurants often offer a standard menu with the same typical choices:


a farandole of cold and hot “mezzes” (hummus, moutabal / eggplant caviar, tabbouleh, kebbe …)


marinated grills (kafta, chich taouk, chawarma, …)

at last

desserts mainly based on orange blossom.

... and it's not just limited to mezze!

The Lebanese cook has more than one trick up his sleeve to delight all types of consumers:

VEGAN who can find their happiness there without tiring. A proposal of a wide range of dishes based on rice and / or vegetables without meat or dairy products allowing any vegan to have a varied diet rich in vitamins.

TO DIET who can rely on healthy and balanced dishes.
A wide choice of salads, vegetable dishes and balanced dishes combining starchy foods, meats and vegetables.

LES PRESSES who can enjoy Lebanese cuisine to take away
Rich sandwiches with meat and vegetables, different types of bites and desserts that are easy to take away and enjoy on the go.

GOURMETS & amp; GOURMETS who would be delighted to try the variety of Lebanese dishes
An elaborate and atypical cuisine that will delight the taste buds!

The CCFL has launched a partnership with Sodexo

In the first quarter of 2020, a Lebanese manager trained the managers of 3 sites managed by Sodexo:

  • Airbus in Elancourt
  • Crédit Agricole in Massy
  • TF1 (2 restaurants) in Boulogne-Billancourt

He gave them the secrets of 3 grandmothers’ recipes: the lentil soup as a starter, the “kafta bi batata”, a dish based on meat, potatoes, tomato sauce and rice and the “bazella wou rez” , a dish based on meat, peas and carrots served with rice with vermicelli. This initiative was crowned with success: the stands were stormed at breakneck speed and relative sales were between 25 and 30% of the day’s covers!

We can support you for:

  • define your needs
  • find the best offer to answer it
  • train your cooks

From strategy to the realization of your project, the CCFL will be your ideal partner for a culinary journey to the land of cedars!