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The network of Lebanese professionals in France
An initiative of the CCFL on the occasion of its 70th Anniversary (1950-2020)
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You are a Lebanese professional established in France,

You are a French professional of Lebanese origin

You are a Lebanese senior manager in a French company

You are Lebanese exercising a liberal profession in France

You are a Lebanese manager, founder or co-founder of a company in France,

Are you a Libano-French professional association registered in France?


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Our objective :

  • Create a directory of Lebanese professionals in France, which until then did not exist
  • Showcase your business and its services
  • Bring together the community of Lebanese professionals in France
  • Create a bridge between Lebanese professionals in France and Lebanese professionals in Lebanon
  • To enable the network to discover opportunities for expansion and development in Lebanon and thereby contribute to the economic reconstruction of Lebanon.
  • Unite the community around Lebanese-French causes of common professional interest, be they economic, social or cultural.
  • Shedding light on the expertise, experience and qualitative professional potential of the Lebanese in France
  • Keep network members informed and up to date on activities and the community
  • Stay connected to your sources

Our partners :

Lebanese Embassy in France, French Embassy in Lebanon, CCI France, CCIABML, IDAL, L’ORIENT LE JOUR…

FORM No 1 (TPE, PMI/PME, Grande Entreprise, Association professionnelle)

    FORM No2 (Profession Libérale et entreprise individuelle)